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We Fix Sidewalks is a full-service concrete repair company that specializes in restoring your cracked, shifting, and settling concrete without having to replace the entire thing. Whether you need us to fix a trip hazard or restore an old sidewalk, We Fix Sidewalks will deliver excellence in every job at an affordable cost for your budget.

According to the National Safety Council, 32% of all nonfatal injuries in 2019 resulted from falls. That's why it's more important than ever to keep your concrete walkways in the best condition possible. Even the best-poured concrete can shift, settle, and crack over time, leading to trip hazards that can become a liability. This is especially true in colder climates where the ground freezes and expands, causing cracks and shifting.

After years of experience with concrete repair, We Fix Sidewalks has developed processes that allow us to repair these hazards without needing to tear everything up and re-pour. Our services are unmatched in the business, and we're excited to help you keep your commercial or residential property safe and in top condition!

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Full-Service Concrete Repair

You probably don't think about your concrete walkways and sidewalks very often...until something goes wrong. Just like any other infrastructure supporting your property, concrete issues gradually get worse over time. These slight changes over time often go unseen by property owners. However, the longer these hazards go unaddressed, the more costly repairs become.

We Fix Sidewalks can repair and restore your concrete walkways and sidewalks as soon as you spot a hazard. Proactively resolving these issues results in an inexpensive solution and an increased return on investment. You protect yourself and your investment from accidental (and costly) injuries and increase your overall property value.

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Providing Cost-Effective Solutions for Safety

We Fix Sidewalks is proud to provide our services in compliance with HUD and ADA standards—protecting you from liability claims associated with poor sidewalk conditions or accessibility injuries incurred by your disabled employees or customers. Our work helps you receive excellent REAC scores, which will boost your property's public image while extending their time between HUD inspections from two years to three years—all without spending a dime more than you would otherwise!

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Expert Concrete Contractors

It's true that we're experts at fixing sidewalks, but we also provide services for all of your concrete projects. Some of our past projects include new driveways and walkways for commercial and residential customers. These projects can add significant value to your property. Plus, We Fix Sidewalks is committed to completing concrete projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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"Contacted We Fix Sidewalks and got a quick response to the work that I needed done. They came out and determined what was needed and gave a fair estimate. They communicated and gave a timely appointment to have the work done. It was done within 3 hrs. and was followed up to satisfactory completion. Would recommend for a good job."

- Charlie S. -

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