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We Fix Sidewalks' Commercial Services

We Fix Sidewalks works with businesses, HUD property owners, and HOAs to repair and restore sidewalks. We’re all about making your commercial property concrete look its best!

If you’re running a business, how people perceive your company is extremely important. Cracks and gaps can make your driveway or sidewalk look less professional—we can help. Plus, trip hazards can be liabilities for an organization and should be taken care of as soon as possible to reduce the risks. Our specialities include:

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Trip Hazards

Curbs and Edges

Broken Concrete

Cracks and Gaps

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How Do We Work Together?

We Fix Sidewalks believes in perfection. We will give you a thorough quote at the start of the project and will make sure our team completes the project quickly and professionally. We can recommend the best way to take care of your issues, keeping your timeline and budget in mind.

All of our services meet the rigorous ADA and HUD regulations, so you can be confident the repairs will meet quality standards and hold up over time.

What Are Common Commercial Concrete Repairs?

For HUD property owners who have recurring REAC inspections, We Fix Sidewalks’ work helps to boost your scores, increasing the length required between each inspection.

We also help you to lessen the likelihood of legal liability due to safety issues on your property.

Common projects We Fix Sidewalks helps with include:

  • Sidewalks
  • Walkways
  • Parking Lots
  • Common Areas
  • Curbs

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For quick reference to We Fix Sidewalk's commercial and residential service core offerings, download our line card!

Along with our core services mentioned above, we also are proud to offer full concrete replacement and asphalt maintenance and repair services.

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Contact We Fix Sidewalks today to discuss your project. We offer free evaluations and will provide you with an expert quote for your sidewalk or concrete repair job.

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