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We Fix Sidewalks helps property owners make their concrete look new again. We can help identify trip hazards on your property and work with you to find a cost-effective and long-lasting solution.

Concrete indeed takes a beating. It can be worn away by exposure to the elements or even just from being walked on every day. The surface of your concrete can also become rough, uneven, and discolored.

We'll improve your curb appeal and home value, as well as make your property safer for you and your family. We'll also save you time by taking care of everything with one contractor—saving you time and money along the way!

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Hear From One of Our Past Customers

"Pat was easy to contact and followed up the next day to access repair work and give pricing. The work was completed the next day. I received an email detailing {the} work done, price, etc. Put a check in the mail thanking him and his team for relieving this problem for me so quickly and efficiently. It was like waving a magic wand."

- Corinne H. -

"Great job {the} work was done in a timely manner {and the} city was happy with {the} results. Grinding high trip points was so much less expensive than leveling or replacement."

- Russell B. -

"Pat is a true professional. We use Pat on all of our shopping centers. Thoughtful gentlemen, very responsive, and always on time at the price he quoted."

- Rodney A. -

"They did a great job and worked within our schedule. The team was very professional and did a great job cleaning up afterwards."

- CT Logistics -

"Contacted We Fix Sidewalks and got a quick response to the work that I needed done. They came out and determined what was needed and gave a fair estimate. They communicated and gave a timely appointment to have the work done. It was done within 3 hrs. and was followed up to satisfactory completion. Would recommend for a good job."

- Charlie S. -

"We were notified by the City of North Olmsted of sidewalk trip hazards that needed fixed. So I called Pat who advised us we could grind the sidewalks down instead of replacing all the slabs. Not only was the work done the next day, but at a fraction of the cost of digging up old slabs and pouring new concrete. Will refer this company in a heartbeat to anyone who needs a sidewalk fix!"

- Anne Marie P. -

"A very friendly and prompt experience. He immediately answered my call, arrived on time, and quickly performed the work. His crew members were very respectful."

- Kris B. -

"The team at We Fix Sidewalks was professional, fair, and extremely easy to do business with. Would recommend them for any of your concrete needs."

- Michael W. -

"Very nice company to work with. Estimate given and work performed promptly. Sidewalk came out very nice! Thanks."

- Cynthia D. -

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    Dustless Trip Hazard Removal

    We Fix Sidewalks is excited to offer dustless trip hazard removal with next-generation concrete grinding technology.

    Dustless grinding offers increased protection for you and the environment by dramatically limiting the dust and silica produced by typical concrete grinds. The result? A trip hazard-free sidewalk without the mess! This option is perfect for our residential customers who live and work in the same environment as the sidewalks that need grinding.

    While many companies offer fast concrete grinding services, most do not use a dustless technique. We Fix Sidewalks is committed to providing top-notch service in all areas of your business, which includes keeping your employees safe and free from injury while on the job site. Our team will be able to help you determine whether dustless grinding would be best for your project needs and make sure that we get it done on time and within budget!

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    Start Your Concrete Project

    Whether you're looking for concrete repair or sidewalk replacement, we can provide the top-notch service and expert craftsmanship you need to keep your property looking great. Our professional concrete repair experts will inspect your property and determine what repairs are needed. We'll work with you to find the best possible solution for your needs.

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